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What happened to Sibelius?

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No, I'm not referring to the composer, but to the music notation software. During the past week, it has become clear that Avid, the parent company behind Sibelius, is shutting down its UK offices, effectively ending Sibelius UK. It is at this point unclear to me what will happen to the staff that has been working on the development of Sibelius - or how many of the "original" team are there at this point at all. This is a serious matter for composers, arrangers and musicians all over the world, and this is why:


For years during the 1990s, a significant piece of software called Finale ruled the computerized music notation market. It was highly capable but perhaps more in tune with the demands of professional music copyists than composers looking for a flexible and straightforward way to notate their work. Sibelius, a creation of Jonathan and Ben Finn, came along, and charmed myself (and apparently a huge group of musicians all over) with its speed, logical design, and ease of use. After 10 minutes of trial, I knew I would not go back.


As far as I recall, I have been using Sibelius since its version 1 for Macintosh. Over the years it has developed greatly, never losing its flexibility and speed. Aside from the fact that most everyday operations have been made as simple as possible, one of its really nice features has been that most major edits only take a split second to perform. This, however, changed with the most recent major update, when Sibelius 7 was released.


One of the most important aspects of software development is that you should never alienate the customers you already have. With Sibelius 7, developers took the incomprehensible step of completely changing the user interface of Sibelius. Instead of the well-organized menus in previous versions, you now have buttons to click on, arranged into several ribbons. For example, to enter lyrics, you first click on the 'Text' ribbon and then on the appropriate Lyrics entry button. If you then want to use the playback function, you select another ribbon first. Sure, the old keyboard shortcuts are apparently still there, but I don't get it. I gave 7 months of use, and I never learned to understand the beauty of this new layout - if there is any beauty in it.


Among other things I noticed about 7 was that it is significantly slower than previous versions. However, this experiment with it came to a quick halt for me, when one day it suddenly destroyed one of my scores. I had been working for weeks on an orchestral score, and out of nowhere a normal 'Save' operation led to an error message and I found that my file was now 0 kilobytes. Fortunately, I had a backup, so I only lost an hour's worth of work. But I was able to repeat this error, and notified my local dealer. Yes, all my hardware and OS are in line with Sibelius's requirements. I have not received confirmation that the problem has been solved, so at this moment I'm using version 6 and loving it.


We who use these products as professional tools must be able to rely on both operational continuity as well as logical development. The changes made to Sibelius in version 7 have irritated the shit out of me, and now, with the news of Avid axing Sibelius UK, I'm just sad. Sibelius used to be such a beautiful piece of software. What the hell happened, and why?

06/08/2012, 15:15
It's obvious that this blog was written in an umbrage seldom associated with the author... When the new Sibelius 7 was released, I visited the website and had a good look at the new version. There was nothing, and I emphasize NOTHING, that would have made me to want to "upgrade" from Sibelius 6. I was astonished, just as you were, Jaakko. Luckily I've had very few problems with Sibelius 6. As a user of the original Sibelius 7 (I even bought the Acorn RISC computer in 1997, just because of Sibelius 7), I've seen many versions of this programme. For example, I jumped over S3 and S4, straight from 2 to 5 because there wasn't really any reason to update step by step. So, be happy with your Sibelius 6, and knowing you I believe that should work very well for you. :)
The Ghost of Sibelius Past
21/02/2013, 21:10
There can not be a Sibelius 8, ever, They would just have to throw it in the fireplace.
09/03/2014, 19:46
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18/07/2014, 14:30
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11/08/2014, 22:24
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Kids that are engaged in sports activities everyday and invest time by using a closely knit team of peers have considerably less probability of falling prey to undesirable company. This prevents the youngsters from straying into lives of crime or taking on medicines when they access adolescence. This, in my eyes, is among finest positive aspects of allowing youngsters take up sports activities.
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